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We know watches have moving mechanisms.  How about a ring?  Designer Glen Liberman of Kinekt designed the Gear Ring.  An inner and outer band, move in unison with the gears.  Brilliant.  It has an industrial stainless steel modern look and yet, reminiscent of an earlier time and the industrial revolution.    Exposed hardware and gears are not only decorative, also functional.  


The term “Steampunk” has been coming up more and more online, in conversation and in jewerly as of late.  In Steampunk Jewelry, a combination of taking old parts, watch gears and all, and fashioning them into something new.  Seen here interpreted in cufflinks.  Oh how green it is and how we all love that.  It is definitely veering from a minimalist aesthetic but worth taking the time for a second look.  

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Have an infinitely modern day!

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