Geemo Toy by Brooklyn Junior

Kids & Baby

This reminds me a bit of Vitra's Algue from a few years back, but is obviously meant to be played with.  I'm not sure who would enjoy it more, adults or kids!  I could definitely see this as a coffee table object or at least a kid's toy you wouldn't mind leaving out.

While it would be amazing as an installation, the price isn't really feasible for that use.  For $42 you only get five pieces, and I imagine it would take quite a bit more to make anything of impact.  Still, a set or two would definitely be fun to have around!


Geemo is a building block for the imagination. Geemo’s flexible
magnetic limbs grab and repel each other in unpredictable ways. As
Geemo comes to life in your hands, you can build, discover, create, and
imagine with this new species of toy. Made under strict quality
standards, Geemo is non-toxic and washable.

Geemo Toy by Brooklyn Junior: $42 / set of 5

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