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The Almost Human Table

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects

A new interpretation of the phrase "playing footsy” under the table, by way of the Paris based Samal Design,  whose almost human tables bring it to mind.    Almost, I say because they are very life like.  Well life like in the sense of the idealized male figure rather than the couch potato.   Dzmitry Samal is “inspired by men’s beauty and sensuality”.   A bit disarming and some of the poses I dare say a bit awkward… do their best to entice at least a conversation about it or a second look.  Okay maybe a third.



Modernly whimsical and offered in futuristic metallic colors of purple, blue, greens and golds, Samal terms his work as “New Retro-Futurism”.  Realized in soft plastic (polypropylene) with a metallic under structure, they look like bronze sculptures incorporated into furniture.  If the table does not quite do it for you or you want more.  How about a mirror or a chair that has legs? 



I find this free standing closet intriguing.   It is certainly reminiscent of a Renaissance figure being extruded from a piece of marble.   What is in there anyway? 


This begs the question… where is the female counterpart?

via Square Magazine

Have an infinitely modern day!

2 Comments to "The Almost Human Table"

  1. Wow! It looks really… weird, and new. The idea is really something. That’s true, where is the female counterpart?

  2. wow! something out of the box, that’s really interesting and wonderful. thanks for sharing.

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