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Porcelain Punk – Display Plates Get a Modern Makeover

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects

 Although I can't imagine ever being tired of snow (I've never seen snow…ever!), I understand that many of my northern hemisphere friends are well and truly ready for warmer weather. And what better way to say goodbye to idyllic winter scenes than to sandblast them to oblivion?!


Brooklyn based artist and designer Cat Merrick has done just that, and the results are good enough to eat off.

The surface of these decorative plates are sandblasted to reveal varying degrees of bare
unprimed porcelain, then finished with a dinner-friendly glaze. 




The remaining winter scenery seems to be melting away, just in time for Spring. But don't try this at home kids, grandma might not be so impressed if you experiment with her fine china.

Via Extreme Crafts

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