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if your walls are yearning for something new, or your frames are dying for a replacement image – or you just want to buy an awesome design book to put on your coffee table (rex ray art & design by chronicle books) check out rex ray. he is an amazing artist from san francisco. i am personally very inspired by him, considering that my own art & design history mirrors some of his fantastic endeavors (ie. collage, mixed-media, creative color combinations, etc.).
his work is just cool. modern. pop-py. simple, clean, colorful, minimalist but by no means boring. innovative and approachable. he has this incredible history as an acclaimed graphic designer, producing some of the most recognizable music packaging and album cover artwork for david bowie, r.e.m., the cure, beck, and list goes on and on.
rex’s work consists of collage, paintings and digital graphics that will blow your mind. his collage work is by far my favorite, and the paintings that seemingly mimic his collages – those smooth round edges of the retro 50’s and 60’s. check out his work here on-line and a great podcast from november 2007 on chronicle books blog.
see some of my faves below…hard to choose, truly!





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