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By: Holly Becker, decor8

Nama Rococo
wallpaper studio is a runway fashion show on your wall – it screams haute couture, look at me, I’m beautiful. Nama Rococo is bold, edgy, perhaps slightly over the top. Definitely Elle Decor worthy. Sexy wallcoverings are streaming out of London, Berlin, and Paris, so I was a bit shocked to discover that Nama Rococo is based in western Massachusetts,  as in, the countryside nestled within the Berkshires. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of leaning on a common misconception that boutique style wallcovering must only come from the Euro crowd – scarf-waving designers mumbling orders to their assistants in thick delicious accents. Truth is, good design can be found anywhere these days, and with the growing number of American designers stepping up and proving that you can make a difference without the scarf and the accent,  design in the good old US of A is starting raising eyebrows (even mine) and attract a lot of attention. Let’s face it, when it comes to design, America is only getting hotter.

The image above  shows off their French Dot paper in Ooh-La Black featuring "watercolor like" one-of-a-kind hand painting overprinted with black repeat. Love that it’s shown on screens vs. on the wall. Perfect solution for apartment dwellers that need mobile focal points. At $180 per sheet (25" x 38"),  you can paper one wall or a few screens and viola! you have art and a decadent focal point.

To learn more about Nama Rococo , please visit their website.

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(image from nama rococo)

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