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Founders + Editors

Greg FinneyGreg Finney (Co-Founder) – Greg is a co-founder of 2Modern and loves everything that is related to (good) design. He doesn’t discriminate between a well-designed building, a beautiful chair, a thought-provoking icon or a bizarre art exhibit. Greg loves to find wonderfully designed “things” and share them with the world. It is his passion and purpose.
Jennifer SitkoJennifer Sitko (Co-Founder) – It’s not often you find someone with the technical and creative talents to run an internationally famous online modern furniture retail store, but thankfully for 2Modern readers (and its employees), founder Jennifer Sitko possesses those traits and more. Considered the heart and visual mastermind behind 2Modern, Jennifer wears many hats, from graphic designer, furniture designer, product designer, web guru and marketing genius. Jennifer received a degree in Environmental Design from UC Davis with minors in interior architecture and graphic design (proving that even at a young age she was a go-getter).
Promila Shastri  (Editor-in-Chief) – Promila, a graphic designer by training, is a student of visual and literary culture who likes the turn of a phrase as much as a well-designed object. When she’s not looking for beautiful things to share on 2Modern’s blog, she can usually be found making collages, taking pictures, or waxing poetic about design on her personal blog, STILL LIFE.