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Author: Adam Whatley

Artist: Elsita

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elsa mora

Whenever I need to remember what can be accomplished in a day, I always go to one of the many web sites of artist Elsa Mora or “Elsita” and marvel at her output. Its simply amazing and to be honest almost unbelievable that one person can produce this much QUALITY — Continue reading

Eily O’Connell Jewelry

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends
Eily O'Connell

Jewelry designer Eily O’Connell is based in Co.Waterford on the southern coast of Ireland. Eily’s work reflects her proximity to the sea with all of its bits and pieces washed up from ocean depths. Definitely a must have for any social gathering in Mordor. Amazing work!

Kelly Lamb

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Kelly Lamb Geo

  Take a Buckminster Fuller Geo dome and flip it, shrink it and reverse it and you have these great planters, bowls and birdhouses from Los Angeles based designer Kelly Lamb.


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  Need some lifestyle inspiration? John Baker and Juli Daoust are the owners of Mjölk (Milk) and they not only sell the finest art objects from Scandinavia, Japan and other fab cultures they also live the “design life”. Their blog Kitka is a passenger seat as they sip coffee at Cafe — Continue reading

Book: Spomenik

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics

Nothing like some giant, concrete, sculpture to get my heart racing! These Yugoslavian WWII monuments are a site to behold even in their advanced level of decay. Belgium Photographer Jan Kempenaers gives them a modern polish with his stark photography and compiles them all in his book “Spomenik”.

Winston Chmielinski

Categories: Art + Graphics
Winston Chmielinski

Winston Chmielinski’s paintings and collages are a great compromise between abstract and figurative form. He is able to perfectly balance the two and make some very convincing and bold work. From a 2007 interview: “Most recently I’ve tried to make it more of a cohesive whole, so no longer is — Continue reading

Music For Dieter Rams

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Braun Alarm Clock

Imagine listening to the sound of an alarm clock and actually enjoying it. Jon Brooks has made it possible with his latest release “Music For Dieter Rams”. All of the sound generated on this album originates from a Dieter Rams (über product design genius) AB-30 alarm clock. To me this — Continue reading

Triian: Modern Era Gems

Categories: Fashion + Trends
Triian: Modern Era Gems

          The Miami design duo of Trisha Brookbank & Brian Burkhardt create amazing sculptural pieces that look just as good on their own as they do on your hand, wrist, ears and neck. They use synthetic resins and Swarovski crystals to form these one of a — Continue reading

James Jean

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends
Lotus War

James Jean has been very busy since his focus on illustration has moved towards fine art. His recent one-man show at the Martha Otero Gallery proves he has an amazing graphic sensibility even on a large scale. These “Lotus War” scarves sold out immediately but if you follow James on Twitter he always gives a — Continue reading