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Author: Adam Whatley

Artist: Gedi Sibony

Categories: Uncategorized
Artist: Gedi Sibony

I’m a big fan of breaking it down. I like the idea of taking the complex and dissolving it, in all it’s fleshy complexity, till it’s feathery light and barely able to stand up under it’s own weight. That is when it becomes poetic – a shell of it’s former self but with all the same mental gravity. A — Continue reading

Artist: Uno Moralez

Categories: Art + Graphics
uno moralez

  Combining low tech pixel art with wicked imagery, Uno Moralez keeps me coming back for more. Flying heads with evil eyes swoop down on Darger-like twins with butcher knives and bobby socks. Flickering lights illuminating bizarre ritualistic fetishes with bears, blue teeth and zoot suits. Reminiscent of Japanese manga artist Ito — Continue reading

Artist: Louise Despont

Categories: Art + Graphics
No. 14

The overall muted tone combined with the size and precise detail make these works by Brooklyn artist Louise Despont meditative and definitely something I would want to live with. Like some strange circus banner or the pattern on the most insanely cool alien Amish quilt, these pieces (watercolor, graphite and colored — Continue reading

Art: Tiffany Bozic

Categories: Art + Graphics
Tiffany Bozic

These are some fabulously hallucinogenic and dramatic paintings. Twisting orchids that crawl and burst open, with deep ocean pods and jelly fish set on a dead black background. A leaner flow of tiny ants devouring their much larger relative and leaving a soft skeletal outline of a hollow body. This — Continue reading

Artist: Yasko Ozeki

Categories: Uncategorized
Yasko Ozeki

                Yasuko Ozeki combines simple form with exacting detail in her pottery. How she creates such intricate line work on such a small scale and with such control is beyond me. The glazes bleed perfectly into the surrounding white and never go too far — Continue reading

Artist: Carly Waito

Categories: Art + Graphics
Carly Waito

The best rock collection ever! Pyrite, smokey quartz and vesuvianite all flattened out and pumped up for display. These stones are glamorous, bigger than life and perfect for pondering. Carly Waito does such a great job transferring these beauties to the canvas (oil on masonite) with wicked realist perfection that it’s — Continue reading

Artist: Dawn Arsenaux

Categories: Art + Graphics
Dawn Arsenaux

Piles of scrap must surround “ms. neaux-neaux” as she ponders what will go with what and where to precisely place the next sweet cut piece. These are mind bending images to be sure with plenty of visual meat to chew on. Oceans of violet space surrounded by tiger cubs and — Continue reading

Photography: 管子天

Categories: Art + Graphics

Most of us when crossing such lonely terrain would just put our heads down and try not to look until we reach our destination but lucky for us 管子天 looked up long enough to capture some of  these spectacular moments. Its a flat and distant world with figures wondering about with — Continue reading

Artist: Brendan Monroe

Categories: Art + Graphics
Brendan Monroe

Warping and wrapping cosmic clouds with a dangling pair of legs. galaxies and stars often ask us to take a walk with our shirts off and our minds open. Yellow flesh that slowly bubbles up and leaves the bones. Brendan Monroe takes a whack at just about any medium and — Continue reading

Artist: Lee Misenheimer

Categories: Art + Graphics, Uncategorized

The process for putting this all down must be a real sight to see. I’m guessing a lot of graphite and late nights. Perfect rolls and waves create some really amazing creatures. I see the grandest dragon of all has probably slid down from a fabled mountain top and is — Continue reading

Artist: Aleksandra Waliszewska

Categories: Art + Graphics, Uncategorized

2 scoops terror and 1 scoop humor (that’s my recipe not hers) are the ingredients to these well thought out nightmares quickly executed in gouache. It’s autumn and the time of year when leaves die, cold winds blow and some of us open our coat of skin to reveal our — Continue reading

Photography: Ville Varumo

Categories: Art + Graphics
Ville Varumo

Like his Scandinavian brethren, Ville Varumo has an eye for design that is both void of any unnecessary fodder and perfectly executed with little if any visual distractions.  His landscapes are painfully cold and overwhelmingly beautiful. He keeps it all so lonely and indifferent. Going past antiseptic, Varumo’s “Jutta’s Breakfast” photo editorial comes full circle — Continue reading

Artist: Aron Wiesenfeld

Categories: Art + Graphics

  A figure making his way through the snow caught in mid-step by a single bright light. He doesn’t appear all that surprised. With a full bag in his narrow hand he looks like he has a long way to go. She is surrounded and enveloped by the darkness of — Continue reading

Artist: Franscesco Giusti

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends

  Fashion week has wrapped up in NY but in the Congo capitol city of Brazzaville, every day is cause for the “Gucci Gucci”. The SAPE (Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes) dress to impress, and may be strutting across a dirt street in a country where the average income is less — Continue reading

Artist: Daniel Kornrumpf

Categories: Art + Graphics
daniel kornrumpf image

  Daniel Kornrumpf throws down some amazing talent with his paintings, drawings and embroidery. His colored pencil drawings on Mylar are crisp with plenty of color that work well with his cool photo-figures. Kornrumpf’s paintings draw the obvious comparison to Alice Neel (a serious accomplishment) but his work is a — Continue reading

Vinyl Addiction

Categories: Art + Graphics

The world of vinyl figures continues to explode and as Martha would say “It’s a good thing” (although I doubt she has a huge collection of Hedorah smog monsters). The creativity is mind blowing and in recent years many artists have taken to sculpting and casting their own figures that — Continue reading

Artist: LuCong

Categories: Art + Graphics
Lu Cong

Lu Cong’s portraits are immediately recognizable and that’s saying something for an artist that is still in his early 30’s. He creates very cool, clean and tightly cropped images that are both personal and stunning in their painterly execution. His most recent work is showing at the Vered gallery and — Continue reading

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Categories: Fashion + Trends
alexander mcqueen book cover

“Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” just wrapped up at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art and it was a stunning tribute to one of the most celebrated designers of our time. If you missed the show you can still get a look at this amazing collection in the form of a — Continue reading

Artist: Anna Hepler

Categories: Art + Graphics
Anna Hepler

Artist Anna Hepler breaks it all down into the perfect representation of form and leaves the viewer to ponder…which is exactly what every artist should do. Her 2D work evolves from her 3D sculpture that she constructs using various cast off pieces of plastic that are assembled and inflated. She then — Continue reading

Joseph Pintz Ceramics

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects
Joseph Pintz

Simple, chunky, bold and weathered are all words that come to mind when I describe the ceramic work of Joseph Pintz. They bear a considerable likeness to what one would expect to find on the table at the Flintstones house except that they are in a way serious and sculptural — Continue reading