Time Magazine Names Iconic Stahl House Photograph Amongst its Most Influential

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Named one of the most influential photographs in history by Time Magazine, this image of Stahl House was created by Julius Shulman in 1960.

A ravishing black-and-white photograph of Stahl House—an enduring symbol of modernist architecture—takes its place amongst portraits of Che Guevara and Demi Moore in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Images of All Time. One of only 3 man-made objects featured in Time’s 100 selections (the Hindenberg airship and Montana’s Fort Peck Damn are the other two), Stahl House is also one of the few aspirational shots featured in a roundup of painfully potent landmark moments extracted from America’s story—replete with wars, political unrest, famine, AIDS, and 9/11. In such weighty company, this iconic image of Stahl House—the most famous and widely disseminated photo from Julius Shulman’s architectural portfolio —is a welcome respite of breathtaking beauty, one that, according to Time,  ‘… perfected the art of aspirational staging, turning a house into the embodiment of the Good Life…’

It is, of course, hard to imagine anything but a good life being lived in Stahl House, aka Case Study House 22, architect Pierre Koenig’s Mid Century masterwork designed for Clarence ‘Buck’ Stahl in 1959 as part of Southern California’s Case Study Program. Nestled into the Hollywood Hills, it remains the apotheosis of modernism’s love affair with glass and concrete, geometry and elegance, killer views and steely glamour. While it may be impossible to take a bad photo of a house this camera-ready, in 1960, Julius Shulman found a way to make the penultimate Stahl House statement. Says Time, “To show the essence of this air-breaking cantilevered building, Shulman set two glamorous women in cocktail dresses inside the house, where they appear to be floating above a mythic, twinkling city. The photo…is the most successful real estate image ever taken.”


Another 1960 image of Stahl House by Julius Shulman

via Time Magazine

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