New Soho Building Features Cast Aluminum Facade

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Cast aluminum facade of XOCO 325 Apt Building

XOCO 325, a new condominium building in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, features a cast aluminum facade.

A new condominium building in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood has found a way to both blend into and stand apart from the area’s distinctive architectural style. XOCO 325 (aka 325 West Broadway) is a luxury apartment building that features the usual amenities expected of New York’s tony residences—walls of glass, outsized square footage, designer fixtures, LEED™ certification—but its most distinctive feature is its cast aluminum facade, a homage to Soho’s famous pre-war buildings.

Occupying what was once a chocolate factory, XOCO 325 was designed by DDG, a multi-disciplinary firm which calls its latest project “a modern interpretation of the district’s historic cast-iron loft buildings,” a collection of  250 buildings long ago given landmark status. DDG’s reinterpretation trades in the vernacular’s delicate ornamentation for a chunkier sculptural version, echoing as much Antoni Gaudi’s neo-Gothic architecture as Soho’s most coveted old buildings.

XOCO 325 Building Soho

Paying homage to Soho’s cast iron architecture, XOCO 325 offers a modern re-interpretation.

XOCO 325 Soho NYC

Floor to ceiling windows at XOCO 325 are set deeply within a cast aluminum framework, offering a measure of privacy.

Via DDG, Designboom

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  1. Zrna

    Oct 12, 2016 at 8:48 am

    It looks stunning!

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