Summer Solstice Installation by Lighting Designer Arturo Alvarez

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Coral Lighting Installation by Arturo Alvarez

Located in the woods of Galicia, a lighting installation by Arturo Alvarez celebrates the summer solstice.

Spanish designer and artist Arturo Alvarez recently created a lovely modern lighting installation in a bucolic forest setting in Galicia, Spain—and his innovative Coral lamps took center stage. The lush venue, along the Ulla river in the northwest Spanish region of Galicia, was the site of an annual ritual of bonfires and mysticism that takes place every June 23 to mark the summer solstice. “We love getting involved in this beautiful tradition, and collaborate with the neighbors with an outdoor lighting setup every year,” explained the designer, who ranked #22 last year on Architonic’s 200 Top Designers of 2015 list. The Galicia installation consisted of a sumptuous suite of white Coral lighting models suspended from tree branches, hung at varying lengths high above the forest floor, creating an outdoor canopy of illumination on the shortest night of the year.

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Coral Lghting Collection by Arturo Alvarez

The Arturo Alvarez Coral lighting collection suspended from tree branches in a wooded clearing.

Named for the coral reefs that inspired their forms and textures, the Arturo Alvarez Coral Collection features hand-formed SIMETECH®, a proprietary, highly malleable material created by Alvarez, comprised of stainless steel mesh and silicone. SIMETECH® remains the defining characteristic of the designer’s contemporary lamps, intrinsic to the collection’s sculptural volumes, nuanced light, and decorative detailing, like the meticulous pleating evident in the Coral modern lighting suite. “Its organic look melted into the vegetation creating harmonious large chandeliers which illuminated an unforgettable night. A performance of light and fire closely tied to our environment and roots.”

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Arturo Alvarez Coral Lighting Installation

Hand crafted with the proprietary material, SIMETECH®, the Coral collection of lamps by Arturo Alvarez hang suspended from trees.

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