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Drake Devonshire Hotel green wall

At Ontario’s Drake Devonshire Hotel, a guest room’s vivid green wall is flanked by Monocle sconces by Rich Brilliant Willing.

Green, it should be noted, is not easy. Even the more daring interior designers tend, in general, to play coy with green, relegating the hue to a subsidiary role in accent pieces. Green’s strong holiday associations, of course, may have something to do with it—there can be no Christmas without green, after all—but, in general, large doses of interior green are relatively rare, perpetually usurped by the always popular trifecta of red, yellow and blue. Lately, though, modern green seems to be emerging as a bold color choice in interior schemes, and the results, to our eyes, are undeniably refreshing.

The Drake Devonshire

A Drake Devonshire Hotel vignette shows folksy finds and modern accents juxtaposed with a painted green wall.

Green is everywhere at the Drake Devonshire Inn, located in Wellington, Ontario. The once shabby bed and breakfast was recently given a complete makeover by Toronto studio +tongtong,  The desired esthetic, according to the architects, was to reference a “tapestry of historical layers and styles, practical ad- hoc renovations, readily available building materials, and mismatched furnishings,” while making a strong contemporary statement. To that end, bespoke furniture and quirky antique markets finds are juxtaposed with neat modern accents, like Monocle Wall Sconces by Rich Brilliant Willing—along with conspicuous expanses of green.

Green kitchen in Tom Dixon Interior Project London

An emerald green glass walk makes a splash in this London kitchen/dining room by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is one contemporary designer who has embraced green wholly, though judiciously. At No 2 Upper Riverside, a London apartment complex slated for completion in 2018, splashes of green make dramatic appearances amidst dark finishes and polished metallic details. An emerald green glass backsplash in the eat-in kitchen (which dazzlingly showcases his Lens Pendant Light) and iridescent green bathroom tiles illustrate the designer’s penchant for inserting touches of glamour into minimally furnished spaces.

Glass shower in Tom Dixon interior project, London

Iridescent green tiles cover the bathroom walls in a London apartment being refurbished by Tom Dixon

Bronte Restaurant by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon’s design for the bar inside London’s Bronte Restaurant features green leather booths.

Tom Dixon’s recent design of a bar inside London’s Bronte Restaurant reveals his fondness for green yet again, a color that shares billing with on-trend pink. Bespoke vivid green leather booths snake along the interior’s main wall, providing a decadent, glistening counterpoint to the light pink concrete bar on the opposite side. Dixon’s own chairs—wingback chairs upholstered in deep green and dining chairs covered in dusty rose fabric—complete the bar’s tableaux, along with the designer’s signature brass accents.

Tom Dixon Bronte Restaurant Interior

Green shares billing with pink at London’s Bronte Restaurant bar, designed by Tom Dixon.

Hotel Vernet Paris

In the restaurant of Pari’s Hotel Vernet, a long green banquette designed by Francois Champsaur is a focal point.

Paris’ Hotel Vernet recently celebrated a 100th birthday refurbishment, overseen by French interior designer Francois Champsaur, who also created most of the hotel’s new furniture. For the hotel’s restaurant, named The V, Champsaur designed a series of striking curved banquettes, sticking to a palette of blue and green. Elegant and inviting, Champsaur’s banquettes bear a distinctly Mid Century profile which, along with the V’s entire suite of modern furniture, is beautifully contrasted with the building’s classic Belle Epoque ornamentation.

Green banquette in Hotel Vernet Paris

At the V restaurant in Paris’ Hotel Vernet, bespoke banquettes in green, along with original art.

Image Credits: Arch DailyDwell, Decoist, Tom Dixon, Yatzer

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