Floor Show: Striking Hardwood Floor Tiles from Mirth Studio

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Mirth Studio Geometric Tiles

Op-Art inspired graphic patterns are part of the Mirth Studio hardwood floor tile range.

Few interior touches have the wow factor of hand painted wood floors, but, really, who has the time? Certainly not Sally Bennett, an artist and interior designer, who found a way to replicate the hand-applied floor motifs she once painstaking created for clients by happily trading in the endeavor’s arduousness—without surrendering an iota of its wow factor. Bennett is the founder of Mirth Studio, a Charleston, South Carolina company that showed at ICFF this year, and produces a range of lovely hardwood floor tiles that somehow manage to merge homespun elegance with Moroccan exoticism and clean geometry in service of something altogether striking and original in its own right.

Mirth Studio Porto Wood Tiles

Mirth Studio’s Porto hardwood floor tile pattern was inspired by classic blue-and-white tiles from Protugal.

Mirth Studio hardwood floor tiles are, according to the company, unlike any other contemporary flooring option. Engineered hard wood, state-of-the-art printing and screening techniques, and a proprietary sealing process make for an unassailable combination of durability and beauty, each 12″×12″ piece imbued with tongue and groove construction that renders them stable and easy to install. Each of the available patterns is hand designed by founder Sally Bennet, but custom designs are also a Mirth Studio speciality, meaning that would-be artists get to place their own personal stamp on their home’s floors—for a price.

Mirth Studio Wood Tiles

Easy to install over any sub flooring, Mirth hardwood tiles are constructed from sustainably sourced engineered wood.

Ravishing patterns and colorways aside, Mirth Studio tiles come with the added bonus of being manufactured in the U.S., and crafted from sustainably sourced hard woods and low-VOC finishes. The cherry on the icing? A percentage of the company’s profits benefit the National Forest Foundation. No wonder we remain floored.

Mirth Studio Hollywood Floor Tile

Hollywood, the ‘sensationally retro’ floor tile pattern by Mirth Studio.

Hardwood Floor Tiles Mirth Studio

Designed for durability, 12″ x 12″ hardwood floor tiles by Mirth Studio won’t warp or buckle over time.

Mirth Studio Harmony Wood Tiles

Homage to the square: Harmony is one of the many vivid geometric hardwood tile motifs that comprise the offerings of Mirth Studio

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