Kartell Introduces Portable LED Lantern by Fabio Novembre

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Kartell L Lantern by Fabio Novembre

Kartell’s new Lantern by Fabio Novembre, features a simple solid volume and an integrated charging base.

Italian designer and architect Fabio Novembre has designed a portable LED lantern for Kartell that’s both classic and clearly contemporary. Novembre’s (obviously-named) Lantern, first presented in Milan this year, is practically a geometric abstraction, its erect prism-like form crafted from a solid piece of molded polycarbonate, and its handle a delicate circle. Saying he was inspired by the desire to create something ‘simple, iconic, durable,’ the designer opted for a straightforward, jewel-like contemporary design that is remarkable for its departure from the irreverent creations and oblique references that characterize much of his work. Lantern’s simple shape is classic, while its jewel-like tones and technical sophistication are classic Kartell.

Still, Fabio Novembre imbues the creation of this unassuming Lantern with a dramatic bit of personal symbolism: “Midway upon the journey of our life I too got lost and felt the need for something to light my way. A lantern, like those of olden times, simple, hardwearing and resistant. An object to accompany me in my wanderings, a glimmer of light to follow in the gloom.” Few brands prove as much of an antidote to gloom than Kartell, and that optimism is beautifully illustrated by Lantern’s all-over surface pattern, a faceted pattern designed for decoration, but also to reflect and refract the single light source in a way that illuminates the entire crystalline volume evenly.  Seamlessly integrated into Lantern’s design is a nicely disguised charging base, on which the lantern rests perfectly—until ready to disperse its pent up LED energy into the night.

Fabrio Novembre Lantern for Karatell

A study in geometry, the rechargeable Lantern by Fabio Novembre can be transported easily and glows for hours .

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