New Furniture Arrivals: Mix Modular Collection from Gus*

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Gus Modern Mix Modular 2 Piece Sofa

Mix Modular 2-Piece Sofa by Gus*

The Toronto-based modern furniture company Gus* has introduced a new collection of modular units designed to facilitate a customized seating arrangement. The Gus* Mix Modular Collection features a series of 5 upholstered modern seating components, each fitting together seamlessly to form sofas, sectionals and chaise lounge arrangements. The collection further allows for the mixing and matching of fabrics, yielding a bespoke patchwork of colors interspersed with tartan.  “Components can be easily reconfigured or added later to adapt to changing needs,” says Gus*, making the Mix Modular collection one that can be adjusted to room’s layout and which expands and constricts along with changing parameters.


Mix Modular 3-Piece Sofa by Gus*, featuring a combination of grey and Coral fabrics.

5 basic components comprise the Gus* Mix Modular Collection: left arm unit, right arm unit, armless unit, corner unit, and ottoman. Each module seamlessly abuts the others, creating seating that’s as compact or as expansive as needed, in tandem with available space. The available range of fabrics for the collection—coral, tartan, and a suite of grays—may be combined to form a clean and contemporary seating statement with a novel touch. For a limited time, the Mix Modular Collection, along with all Gus* furniture is being offered at a reduced price during the Gus* Grow Modern Sale, an event in which Gus* will donate proceeds from the sale towards planting trees and promoting a greener planet.

Shop the Gus* Mix Modular Collection and Gus* ‘Grow Modern’ Sale >


Mix Modular 2-Piece Chaise by Gus*, featuring a combination of grey and tartan fabrics.

Tartan Shadow and Berkeley Coral, fabrics introduced by Gus* late in 2015, are included in the fabric choices available for the ottoman and armless components of the Gus* Mix Modular Collection, allowing for an interesting interplay of complementary colors and prints. Kiln-dried 100% FSC®-Certified hardwood frames give the entire Mix Modular Collection its clean, geometric profile, while integrated connectors on the underside of each module facilitates the creation of a single form via individual units.

Shop the Gus* Mix Modular Collection and Gus* ‘Grow Modern’ Sale >


Mix Modular Sectional Sofa by Gus*, featuring a combination of fabrics, including the new Tartan Shadow and Berkley Coral

The Gus* Mix Modular Collection, which features 5 different elements—left arm unit, right arm unit, armless unit, corner unit, and ottoman—allows for expansive seating, including roomy sectionals, and an inspired mix of solid colors and the new Gus* Tartan Shadow fabric.  The Gus* Grow Modern Sale features a 15% reduction on all Gus* furniture, including the Mix Modern Collection, and comes with the added bonus of highlighting the importance of a greener planet. For every sale made during this event, Gus* will donate a percentage of proceeds towards planting trees—and helping ensure a healthier world.

Shop the Gus* Mix Modular Collection and Gus* ‘Grow Modern’ Sale >

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  1. alex

    Jan 18, 2016 at 1:12 am

    So classy design, i would love to buy if you have darker color?

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