New Arrivals: Tom Dixon Plane Lighting, Jiti Modern Textiles, UHURU Contemporary Furniture

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Tom Dixon Plane Chandelier

The Tom Dixon Plane Chandelier, above, designed for both residential and commercial interiors.

New additions to the 2Modern lighting range include items from the Tom Dixon Plane Collection, a suite of modern lighting—table lamp, chandelier, and pendant lights—that showcases the art of simple geometry and material contrast. Plane’s basic pendant structure merges a polished geometric steel plate with a milky white glass sphere, a combination that yields a mysterious optical illusion in which the sphere, nestled into the cutout shape of the metal frame, appears to dissolve into a glowing 2-dimensional circle. Tom Dixon’s ‘exercise in expressive minimalism’ grows more opulent with the Plane Chandelier, a 4-tiered sculptural statement of 18 double-layered white glass spheres and gleaming brass.

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Tom Dixon Plane Pendant Lighting

The Tom Dixon Plane collection of geometric contemporary pendant lights.

Jiti Caravan Pillows

Beautifully detailed, hand crafted pillows from the Jiti collection of contemporary textiles

Just in time to combat the winter blues, we welcome the vibrant textiles of Jiti, a modern decor company that offers a broad range of contemporary home accessories noted for their vivid, hand crafted textile applications. Pillows, poufs, throws, and ottomans comprise the Jiti brand offerings, which feature a wide range of hand stitched, printed, and dyed fabrics and luminous graphic motifs—each created by Indian artisans practicing a time-honored craft. A company founded by designer Goga Bouquet, Jiti illustrates the designer’s interest in ethnic textile workmanship, and a deep-seeded passion for color, pattern and texture.

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Uhuru Essentials Round Tables

The Essentials collection of wood and metal tables by Uhuru includes small round end tables.

The Brooklyn-based design studio, UHURU, conceives, designs, and produces impeccably crafted, sustainably sourced contemporary furniture—a collection which strives to illustrate the intrinsic beauty of reused and repurposed materials. Established in 2004, UHURU boasts a range of modern furniture designs notable for their simple, pared-down esthetic and innovative use of recycled timbers. Elegantly illustrated in the Essentials collection, a minimalist suite of modern tables and benches, UHURU stays true to its mission of promoting timeless, sustainable contemporary furniture, and overseeing design that fosters a deeper understanding of—and connection to—the world at large.

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Uhuru Essentials Console Table

Long, narrow console table, handcrafted by Brooklyn design studio, Uhuru.


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  1. Blugum

    Feb 11, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Hey! I like the Dining chair with lamps and Bar with short chairs are amazing.
    Keep it up!

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