Libratone ZIP: Small Speakers That Pack a Big Sound

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ZIP Wireless Speaker from Libratone

Libratone’s ZIP Wireless Speaker is small enough to hang on a door.

Danish startup Libratone has created a suite of compact wireless speakers that are designed to pack a big sound in a small, stylish package. The ZIP and ZIP Mini are two iterations of a design marketed as an elegant contemporary object which projects equally impressive sound quality. Claiming that the “Libratone ZIPP plays more like an acoustic instrument, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions to give you a full, immersive sound experience,” Libratone is presenting ZIPP as an antidote to the traditional wireless speaker, a model often felled by a limited sound range and choice of wireless technology. Both ZIP and ZIP Mini have been imbued with 360˚ FullRoom™ sound, ready to be dispersed both indoors and outdoors, and connect via either Wi Fi or Bluetooth.

Libratone Zip Speaker in Grey Mesh

Libratone’s ZIP speaker, sporting a changeable grey mesh casing.

Challenging the traditional wireless speaker model of single-direction sound waves,  the Libratone ZIP and ZIP MINI model is a speaker-in-the-round, its cylindrical form dispersing sound in all directions. Music, podcasts, movies, videos, and e-books may be streamed through both ZIP iterations, from any device (and multiple devices) inside and outside the home. Founded in 2009, Libratone aims to transform the listening experience through personalized speaker technology that combines an enhanced connect and control process—made considerably more seamless via the company’s Libratone App.

Libratone Zip Mini Wireless Speaker on Desktop

Small enough to place on a countertop, the ZIP MINI wireless speaker by Libratone.

Libratone’s Scandinavian roots are evident in the ZIP’s streamlined contemporary form, a simple cylinder encased in changeable, zip-up covers of various hues, meant to be mixed, matched, and switched out in tandem with any interior design—or to represent “colorful expressions of who you are…change its cover any time to suit your mood.”  In addition to the ZIP’s original cover—a fabric mesh with an attractive weave pattern that reflects light and allows sound to penetrate cleanly—Libratone has just introduced a new bespoke wool felt fabric, created with Italian felt specialists, Bigagli, and imbued with sound filtering properties specific to wireless speaker technology.

Libratone Zip Mini speakers, with wool felt cover

Wool felt casings and aluminum colored base are featured on the new Libratone ZIP MINI Wireless Speakers

Measuring 26.1 cm x 12.2 cm (10.3 x 4.8 inches), the Libratone ZIP is compact and handsome enough to display on coffee table or desktop, but also features a simple leather strap, designed specifically for toting around easily, and hanging casually on door knob or hook. ZIP MINI takes it down a notch, measuring 22.4 cm x 10 cm ( 8.8 x 3.9 inches).

Libratone Zip Mini Wireless Speaker

Libraton’e new ZIP MINI Wireless Speaker is meant to be displayed, not hidden.

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