Thonet Launches All Seasons Collection of Outdoor Bauhaus Furniture

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Thonet All Seasons Collection Mart Stam Chair

Thonet All Seasons Outdoor Furniture Collection features the S33 cantilevered chair by Mart Stam

German furniture maker, Thonet, has launched a new outdoor furniture collection based on classic modernist designs—including those by Bauhaus masters Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, and Mart Stam. Debuting at the IMM Cologne trade fair this past week, the Thonet All Seasons collection includes 4 chairs designed by Stam, Breuer and Mies, and an ottoman and side table designed by Breuer, in addition to a side table designed by Thonet in 1933.  Each design re-interprets the originals’ tubular steel applications as their weather-resistant outdoor counterparts.

Thonet All Seasons Mart Stam S33 Chair

Mart Stam’s S34 armchair, shown with accompanying Thonet side table, has been reengineered by Thonet for outdoor use.

The Thonet All Seasons outdoor furniture collection remakes four classic chair designs, including the S33 and S34 Chairs by Dutch designer Mart Stam, a tubular steel cantilevered design that dates back to 1925.  Leveraging 21st Century technology to upgrade the chairs’ tubular steel frames, Thonet has remade the chairs into versatile iterations of the originals, amenable to both indoor and outdoor use. A range of 12 vivid fade-resistant steel colors give the chairs’ profile a distinctively contemporary character, while mesh upholstery in corresponding colorways allow for myriad mix-and-match frame and upholstery combinations.

Thonet All Seasons S33 Chair

Available in a range of 12 tubular steel colors and matching mesh upholstery, the new Thonet All Seasons outdoor collection.

Breuer Thonet

Marcel Breuer’s S35 lounge chair and matching footstool as been reissued by Thonet as outdoor furniture.

Marcel Breuer’s S35 lounge chair and matching footstool, first introduced in 1930, are included in the Thonet All Seasons collection, having been updated for the outdoors with a choice of mesh or cushioned upholstery. Breuer’s tubular steel cantilever chair was revolutionary for its construction, a single uninterrupted line of steel that comprised seat, back, and arms.


The B9 nesting table by Marcel Breuer, released as part of the Thonet All Seasons collection.

Marcel Breuer’s B9 nesting tables, classic tubular steel and laminate designs created in 1925, and used in the cafeteria of the Bauhaus building in Dessau, round out the Breuer designs included in the Thonet All Seasons collection.

Thonet All Seasons Mies van der Rohe S533 Chair

Mies van der Rohe S533 cantilevered chair, now available as outdoor seating by Thonet

Mies van der Rohe’s classic S533 cantilevered chair, designed in 1927, has been given a four seasons upgrade by Thonet, its tubular steel frame reengineered for outdoor use with ThonetProtect® surface treatment, and its original upholstery choices (wicker or leather) replaced with UV resistant mesh. Of the Thonet All Seasons collection, the company explains: “The goal was to create a collection that is independent of the restrictions of weather, location or function throughout the year. The refined simplicity of the selected tubular steel icons offered tremendous creative latitude for this venture.”

Thonet All Seasons Outdoor Chairs

Launched at IMM Cologne last week, Thonet’s All Seasons outdoor collection.

Via Dezeen, Thonet

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    Feb 8, 2016 at 2:38 am

    Thanks to Thonet for making this beautiful designs. For Outdoors chair it’s important to carry those chairs on personal vehicles. So i have query to @Thonet. Do you have any design folded chair designs those will carry very easily?

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