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Miles Redd interior vignette wtih Ellsworth Kelly print

An vignette by interior designer Miles Redd, featuring a yellow Ellsworth Kelly print. Image credit: Lucas Allen

Art and decoration are two different things, of course, but that doesn’t stop us from making the art we can afford—whether A-list paintings or kitschy posters—into an integral part of our decorative lives. For lovers of modern interiors, the work of the great American artist, Ellsworth Kelly, who died this past week, was always a no-brainer. Pure and graceful, vivid and serene, Ellsworth Kelly’s work expresses itself as potently inside the carefully composed contemporary rooms of our daily lives as in the hallowed walls of contemporary museums. And no wonder. As these interior vignettes illustrate, art—indeed, any form of creative expression—that achieves Ellsworth Kelly’s level of purity is indistinguishable from what most of us aspire to in life: a state of grace.

Above, a vignette composed by interior designer Miles Red, showcases a Baroque cobalt blue velvet sofa, green wallpaper and yellow Ellsworth Kelly screen print—proving that judicious ornamentation and extreme simplicity can work in concert beautifully.

White Manhattan kitchen with Green Ellsworth Kelly print

A white Manhattan apartment kitchen, which features a green Ellsworth Kelly print.

In an all-white Manhattan apartment, the only flourish of color is a green Ellsworth Kelly print.

Via Elle Decor

Miami Beach villa entrance with partially visible Ellsworth Kelly steel sculpture

The entrance of a Miami Beach villa, showing part of an Ellsworth Kelly sculpture.

Even part of an Ellsworth Kelly work is better than none. Visitors who enter this lavish Miami Beach villa, renovated by Austin Harrelson, are greeted by a Cor-Ten steel sculpture by Ellsworth Kelly.

Via Architectural Digest

English Regency settee juxtaposed with a purple Ellsworth Kelly print

A curvaceous green settee is offset by a geometric purple Ellsworth Kelly print.

Victorian modernism: in a San Francisco Victorian house, the organic shape of a green English Regency settee is paired with a geometric Ellsworth Kelly lithograph in royal purple.

Via Luxe Source

A simple black Ellsworth Kelly print above a fireplace

An ornate fireplace mantel and ornamental sconces are flanked by a simple black Ellsworth Kelly lithograph, Black Ripe Study

Glamorous simplicity: In the formal dining room of Louis Susman, former American ambassador to Britain, Ellsworth Kelly’s “Black Ripe Study” (1956-58) looks perfectly at home.

Via New York Times

A graphic Ellsworth Kelly print in a room with rich architectural details

Herringbone wood floor and elegant architectural details are juxtaposed with a black-and-white Ellsworth Kelly print.

In a Manhattan a 19th Century townhouse, herringbone wood floors, elegant architectural details and a muted color scheme makes a perfect backdrop for a graphic black-and-white Ellsworth Kelly drawing.

Via Design Chic

A deep blue Ellsworth Kelly work is the focal point in a monochromatic living room

A deep blue Ellsworth Kelly lithograph highlights the pale blues of this family room by designer Thad Hayes

Moody blues: A highlight of this Thad Hayes soft blue interior scheme is the deep blue and curve of an Ellsworth Kelly lithograph.

Via Architectural Digest

Hallway of the late Vidal Sassoon's Bel Air mansion, with an Ellsworth Kelly steel sculpture at the end

The late hair dresser Vidal Sasson’s Bel Air mansion features a hallway of art pieces by, amongst others, Ellsworth Kelly, whose Cor-Ten steel sculpture resides at the end.

Kelly in the distance: An Ellsworth Kelly steel sculpture lies at the end of this hallway in the Bel Air mansion owned by hairdresser Vidal Sasson.

Via Architectural Digest

Ellsworth Kelly work on paper, hung above a white, minimal fireplace design

Ellsworth Kelly stripes hang above a pure white fireplace.

In this Washington, D.C., home, a pure white, minimal fireplace design is rendered more striking by the colorful Ellsworth Kellly work on paper above it.

Via Architectural Digest

Rustic country kitchen with colorful Ellsworth Kelly work on paper

Rustic furnishings and exposed beams are offset by a simple line drawing by Ellsworth Kelly.

A Martha’s Vineyard kitchen with rough-hewn details and 19th Century furnishings is perfectly suited to a simple line drawing by Ellsworth Kelly.

Via Architectural Digest

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