Our 6 Favorite Modern Lounge Chairs of 2015

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6 Favorite Lounge Chairs of 2015

Our 6 Favorite Modern Lounge Chairs of 2015 include classics from Knoll and Modernica, and classics-in-the-making from Modloft, BluDot, Gus, and Mater.

The holidays are nothing if not prime time for engaging in some serious lounging around—which makes this roundup of our favorite lounge chairs of 2015 as good a time as any for considering the merits of a mindfully constructed, ergonomically composed, and visually edifying modern seating design. The 6 chairs featured here include reprisals of Mid Century classics and a collection of inspired contemporary designs rightfully vying for future ‘iconic’ status. Each has its individual merits, but all share the same love of organic shapes that accommodate the human form willingly, innovative materials tailored for a body’s enduring comfort, and the singular esthetic sensibilities found in the best examples of modern design.

Mater Shell Lounge Chairs

Mater’s Shell Lounge Chair is available in both brown and black leather.

The Mater Shell Lounge Chair leverages (and honors) the time-tested skill of Indian craftsmen, practicing a waning craft, whose hand stitched saddle leather ‘shell’ is a defining characteristic of this low profile sculptural design from the Copenhagen-based studio.  The Shell’s shapely form, subtle detailing, and solid wood frame (in beechwood or oak) belies its Scandinavian roots, but its signature roomy body, comprised of thick, pliable leather, gives it a distinctive contemporary seating profile.

Mater Shell Lounge Chair >

Knoll Platner Gold Lounge Chair

Knoll Platner Lounge Chair, in 18 karat gold

If it seems improbable that Warren Platner’s universally lauded steel-based collection of tables and chairs for Knoll is half a century old, it’s only because it’s aged as gracefully as any visionary piece of design surely has. Knoll’s release of the Platner Gold edition honors the designer’s contribution in a fittingly showy way: by plating the collection’s famous ribbed metal frame in 18-karat gold—imbuing the Platner Gold Lounge Chair, a semicircle of plush, impossibly comfortable cushioning, with an extra layer of decadence.

Knoll Platner Gold Lounge Chair >

Gus Modern Elk Lounge Chair

The Gus Elk Chair, a modern lounge chair available in black or grey upholstery.

A surefire attention-getter, the Gus Elk Chair remakes the traditional wingback chair with a jolt of contemporary panache—thanks to a generously sized sculptural shell fashioned from bent plywood, enveloping, cushioned seat, and perfectly angled back.  With its Mid Century overtones, refined upholstery, and distinctively handsome profile, the Elk, we suspect, is a contemporary lounge chair with all the makings of a future classic.

Gus Elk Lounge Chair >

Modloft URBN Simon Lounge Chair

Modloft’s Mid-Century inspired URBN Simon Lounge Chair

The Modloft URBN Simon Lounge Chair takes its cue from the Mid Century era’s enthusiasm for polished wood and organic forms, presenting 21st Century design buffs with a contemporary lounge chair all but impossible to resist. The Simon’s playful, yet refined, solid wood frame and jewel-toned linen tweed upholstery—who could pass up Russet, Forest, or Ruby?—may have retro-inspired joy going for it, but it’s deadly serious about inducing weary bodies to kick back and stay a while.

Modloft URBN Simon Lounge Chair >

The Blu Dot Field Lounge Chair, viewed from every angle

Blu Dot’s roomy new Field Lounge Chair, viewed from several angles

A winning design from any angle, the rounded form and luxurious cushioning of the Blu Dot Field Lounge Chair makes a stylish case for sitting still and wiling the hours away. Borrowing from the sensuous curves of Eero Saarinen’s exalted Womb Chair, the Field Lounge Chair combines an exactingly angled powder-coated steel base with a gently turned plywood seat and  tapered back, yielding a design that welcomes and cradles the body. This is a chair for zoning out at full throttle.

Blu Dot Field Lounge Chair >

Modernica-Grasshopper Lounge Chair

Modernica’s Grasshopper Lounge Chair reprises an Eero Saarinen design.

Originally created in 1946 for Knoll, the Modernica Grasshopper Chair bears the visionary touches with which Eero Saarinen imbued all his designs. The Grasshopper’s pair of seamless, angular wood legs and arms remains its defining feature, as does its fully upholstered, angled body—the very definition of laid-back design. Modernica’s reprisal of the Grasshopper has been re-engineered and updated with durable materials and lumbar support—reminding us that great modern design always packs staying power.

Modernica Grasshopper Lounge Chair >

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