Exclusive Sale: Save 20% on Contemporary Lighting by Secto, Ethos, Zero, B.Lux

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Zero Swedish Modern Lighting

Contemporary Lamps by Sweden’s Zero (above)

4 new modern lighting brands are on sale exclusively at 2Modern, offering design lovers a chance to own some of the most technically sophisticated and visually striking lamps on the market—at a 20% reduction, now through November 30th. Included in this sale are modern lamps by Sweden’s Zero, contemporary lighting from Denmark’s Ethos, artful lamps by Finland’s Secto, and innovative lighting designs by Spain’s B.Lux.

The family-owned Swedish lighting company, Zero, presides over a collection of unusually artful modern lighting designs, each model distinguished by beautiful forms, superior craftsmanship, and judicious infusions of color. Zero has recruited a roster of high profile Swedish designers to apply their talents towards lighting designs—pendant lamps, floor and table lamps, and wall lights—that are distinct for being sourced and hand assembled locally.

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Ethos Danish Modern Lighting

Contemporary Pendant Lighting by Ethos

A collection of contemporary lamps that prominently features the work of Danish industrial designer Tom Rossau, the Ethos lighting range keeps its focus on nature, with material references—birch, walnut wood, paper—and artfully organic shapes that invoke the patterning and symmetry found in the natural world. Time-tested workmanship and respect for Scandinavia’s design tradition go to the heart of the Ethos brand, evidenced in the lamps’ meticulous detailing and visual sophistication.

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Blux Modern Lighting

Contemporary Lamps by B.Lux

B.Lux, a company founded more than 25 years ago in Markina Spain, is noted for its collection of innovative, accessibly priced modern lighting designs. Suited to both residential and commercial applications, B.Lux lighting reflects the company’s collaboration with imaginative contemporary designers whose talent and vision have come to define the company’s range of technically polished and visually refined lamps.

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Secto Finnish Modern Lighting

Modern Pendant Lamps by Finnish Lighting Brand, Secto

Contemporary lamps by Helsinki-based Secto are recognizable for their elegantly constructed shades, each composed of locally sourced Finnish birch. Table lamps, modern pendant lights, and floor lamps by Secto reflect the meticulous craftsmanship and enduring grace that define the best of Nordic industrial design—lamps that are equally compelling whether featured individually or in groupings of 2 or more.

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