Yesterday’s Paper: Recycled Paper Rug by Miriam Brostrøm

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Yesterday's Paper, a rug designed by Miriam Brostrøm
Danish product designer Miriam Brostrøm has created a prototype of a floor rug, comprised partially of discarded paper and ephemera. Brostrøm, who is part of the Copenhagen design collective known as HOLDBAR, embarked on a self-initiated experiment in sustainability by saving a month’s worth of discarded paper. Even after recycling the resulting waste material into pulp for a brand new stack of homemade paper, Brostrøm had to find more uses for her pile of refuse—and her carpet, called Yesterday’s Paper, is one of the them.

Yesterday's Paper rug by Miriam Brostrøm

Yesterday’s Paper, recycled paper rug by Miriam Brostrøm

Presented at Paris Design Week this past September, Brostrom’s Yesterday’s Paper rug was one of several designs that comprised Don’t Run Out, an installation of sustainable objects and concepts by the designing members of HOLDBAR. A carpet of paper strips backed by a linen, the rug, while dense and tactile, reflects only 1% of the paper refuse collected over the course of a month, a compilation which included everything from posters and newspapers to flyers and paper towels. As the designer explains, “I have obtained a wider understanding of paper waste. It was interesting to see the pile of paper I had after a month. If I multiply that pile with 12, I have my paper waste for a year.”

Detail of Yesterday's Paper, a recycled paper rug by Miriam Brostrøm

Yesterday’s Rug, a recycled paper rug by Miriam Brostrøm


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