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Tom Dixon Tank Collection

Tom Dixon Tank Barware Collection (above)

Making good on his promise to produce “extraordinary objects for everyday use,” Tom Dixon has released a range of contemporary home accessories and gift items guaranteed to inject a dose of glamour into mundane rituals. Two barware collections and a suite of coffee accessories are included in this new range of products, and, in characteristically Tom Dixon fashion, each is imbued with the designer’s preoccupation with metallic finishes and hues.

The Tom Dixon Tank Collection features a clear glass wine decanter and complementary pairs of glasses—sturdy, squarish lowball and tall, tapering highball—each crafted from mouth-blown glass, and decorated with generous swathes of hand painted copper detailing. The shapes, all clean and simple, are made extraordinary via subtle elements: the brand’s logo sandblasted on each item’s base, a perfect copper-dipped ball for the decanter stopper, metallics so deep and lustrous as to appear crafted from solid metal.

Tom Dixon Plum Collection

Tom Dixon Plum Bar Accessories

The Tom Dixon Plum range takes its name from the collection’s distinctive glass and copper ice bucket, a deep blue mouth blown and hand cut bowl, topped with copper-plated stainless steel lid. The Plum Ice Bucket cuts a profile that’s undeniably fruit-like—”inspired by oversized punch bowls and cocktails served inside tropical fruit”—and vaguely eastern, resembling the round Indian brass pots that have served as inspiration for the designer’s metalworks. The copper plated cocktail shaker—two pieces narrowed at one end and flared at the other—meet in the middle, replicating the bulbous shape of the ice bucket. A pair of gleaming copper-plated cocktail tongs round out the Plum collection.

Tom Dixon Brew Collection

Tom Dixon Brew Coffee Collection

The Art Deco-informed Tom Dixon Brew Collection has a centerpiece in its dazzling contemporary coffee pot, an elegant cylindrical form distinct for its gleaming all-copper exterior and brushed stainless steel interior.  Statuesque and futuristic, the Tom Dixon Brew Cafetiere Coffee Pot boasts a precision-engineered plunger that ensures a smooth plunging and pouring action, and an elegantly stylized black handle. A set of four stackable stainless steel espresso cups and a simple round tray—designed to hold every item in the Brew range, but versatile enough to be an all-purpose serving tray—help the Brew collection come full circle.

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  1. Kim Manahan

    Jul 3, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always been a fan of Tom Dixon’s works. Have you seen his HOUSE architecture as well? I think you’ll like it too: http://revolutionprecrafted.com/revolutionaries/tom-dixon/

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