Jaime Hayon Collectibles, Made from Le Corbusier’s Tree

Modern Decor

Le Corbusier is having a good summer. On the heels of his tapestry for the Sydney Opera House finally arriving on Australian shores after more than 50 years in exile, now comes word that Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created a suite of wooden decorative objects made from a tree that used to stand at Villa Le Lac, the Geneva home which Le Corbusier built for his parents in 1924.

A collaboration with design brand Cassina, the modest objects—a bird-shaped letter holder, a hanging shelf, and bird house—have been crafted from wood culled from the Paulownia tree planted on the Villa Le Lac property in 1924, but which fell victim to disease in 2013. Tasked with the job of creating the Villa Le Lac Paulownia collection, Hayon sees the objects as a tribute to both Le Corbusier and the departed tree—modernist emblems that evoke “a strong poetic reference to what no longer exists.” CASSINA_Villa-Le-Lac-Paulownia_The-Bird_The-Birdhouse_Jaime-Hayon_2Modern CASSINA_Villa-Le-Lac-Paulownia_The-Birdhouse_Jaime-Hayon_2Modern CASSINA_Villa-Le-Lac-Paulownia_The-Ledge_Jaime-Hayon_2ModernCASSINA_Villa-Le-Lac-Paulownia_The-Bird_Jaime-Hayon_2Modern


Via New York Times

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