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Lightyears Caravaggio Modern Pendant Lamp

New to the 2Modern lighting range are two stellar modern lighting brands: Denmark’s Lightyears and Britain’s MacMaster. Established in 2005, Lightyears is a Danish design studio that develops and manufactures sleek contemporary lamps that meld Scandinavia’s celebrated design tradition with state-of-the-art technological innovation. Clean, refined forms, tactile materials, and nuanced lighting are hallmarks of the Lightyears brand of modern lighting, evidenced by the company’s best selling Caravaggio and Juicy pendant lamps.

Caravaggio Modern Pendant Lamp by Lightyears

Caravaggio Modern Pendant Light by Danish brand, Lightyears

Introduced in 2006, the Lightyears Caravaggio lamp, designed by Cecilie Manz, is a modern pendant light of almost utilitarian simplicity, comprised of gently curving, bell-shaped metal (or glass) shade, chrome-plated suspension and textile cable. Available in either glossy or matte metal or opaline glass, the Lightyers Caravaggio lamp casts a concentrated downward light, but an opening at the top of the shade illuminates both the cable and suspension element above.

Lightyears Juicy Modern Pendant Lamp

Juicy Pendant Lamp by Danish brand, Lightyears

Three separate components—wire, slender cone, and flared shade—converge to form the Lightyears Juicy pendant, an elegant contemporary pendant lamp that illustrates minimalism at its refined best. Juicy employs a think transparent polycarbonate ring to bridge the meeting point of shade and cone, allowing light to subtly illuminate the surface of the pendant, highlighting its glossy sheen. A honeycomb diffuser softens the wide swathe of emitted light.

Juicy Modern Pendant Lamp by Lightyears,jpg

Juicy Pendant Lamp by Danish brand, Lightyears

MacMaster Lotus Modern Pendant Light

MacMaster Lotus Pendant Light

MacMaster, a British brand founded in 2009 by designer Alex MacMaster, produces a range of ravishing timber based modern lamps and furniture designs, each piece meticulously handcrafted in the brand’s Worcestershire, UK design studio. Distinguished by exceedingly artful wood elements, the MacMaster contemporary lighting collection is nevertheless supremely functional and noted for its sustainably sourced materials—just one component of the company’s emphasis on ecological sensitivity.

MacMaster Cocoon Modern Pendant Light

MacMaster Cocoon Pendant Light

The MacMaster Cocoon pendant lamp showcases a composition of eight gently curving laminated timber leaves which yield an elongated open structure and view of the warm globe residing within. Graduated ambient light illuminates the lamp’s inner veneers, highlighting the dramatic contrast between the inner and outer wood surfaces. Designed with conservation in mind, the MacMaster Cocoon pendant is comprised of thin, ultra durable wood laminations, thereby minimizing its ecological footprint without compromising an iota of elegance.

MacMaster Iris Modern Pendant Light

MacMaster Iris Pendant Light

The MacMaster Iris modern pendant light is a beautifully composed scheme of elegantly curved wood ‘leaves,’ individual elements bent at three sets of angles and exactingly arranged into a perfectly proportioned pendant lamp. Warm, ambient light, aided by the range of angles and shadows created by the timber leaves, makes a nuanced interior lighting statement, while calling attention to Iris‘ meticulously assembled, highly sculptural composition.

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  1. Mahée Ferlini

    Aug 19, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Great designs, I really like the hanging lamps in picture 1 and picture 4 starting from the top. They both look very natural and at the same time elegant which is a wonderful combination. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. lightyears caravaggio

    Jan 12, 2016 at 2:51 am

    I have two lightyears caravaggio lighting my dinner table and they look stunnig. At the moment we are focusing on the lighting in our interior and I really like the look of the macmaster for a landing or kitchen. Im still searching, but they will definitely be put on the “maybe” list.

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