Giant Ballerina by Street Artist JR Rises Above Manhattan

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2Modern JR Photo BallerinaFrench street artist JR is bringing ballet to the common man—more or less. His latest photographic project features New York City Ballet dancer, Lauren Lovette, whose airborne form plasters the side of a building in Manhattan’s TriBeca neighborhood, rising 75 feet skyward.

The artist’s characteristically outsized image, which was painstakingly pasted onto the building by JR and his team just this past week (with a little help from the photo’s subject herself), replicates a promotional still from the 2014 documentary film Les Bosquets, a collaboration with the NYC Ballet, and a film itself inspired by the artist’s seminal 2005 Portrait of a Generation installation in the poor, riot-ridden Parisian suburb of Montfermeil.

A JR image, taken from a JR film, inspired by a JR project. At least no one can accuse this Ted Prize-winning artist of stealing from anyone but himself.

2Modern JR Street Art Ballerina NYC 2Modern JR Street Art Ballerina JR Ballerina NYC 2Modern JR Street Ballerina Art 2ModernPhotos: Promila Shastri


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