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dittohouse4Giving vivid new meaning to the word ‘up-cycling’ is DittoHouse, an Ohio-based textiles company which repurposes fabric waste for its range of graphically modern blankets and pillows. Overseen by founder and textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick, DittoHouse harnesses the potential in scrap cotton materials, which, once sorted and de-fiberized, yield a whole new collection of yarns which Fitzpatrick weaves into densely patterned, sustainably sourced contemporary textiles for kids and adults alike. Handsome Op Art-influenced abstractions and charming emoji motifs, designed to be effortlessly mixed and matched, define the DittoHouse range of accessories—proof that mining the past, the present, and the discarded, can make for a compellingly creative recipe.

static1.squarespaceInterchange+Pillow+Cover+2+-+DittoHouseDittoHouse cushion coversBlock+Party+Throw+Blanket+3-+DittoHouse-1Block+Party+Throw+Blanket+-+DittoHousekai+and+pillows1DittoHouse Grow and Grimmace Pillow Coverskai+and+pillowsvia DittoHouse

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  1. Nikki

    Feb 13, 2015 at 11:42 am

    I love how bold these textiles are, especially the cube optical illusion throw blanket. Great photos!

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