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vipp-shelter-morten-bo-jensen-designboom-03Danish company Vipp, best known for its pedal-activated luxury garbage bins, is now in the pre-fab housing business. Vipp Shelter, a predictably stylish steel and glass modern house, is shipped in two containers, its 590 square feet ready and waiting to be assembled onsite in 3-5 days.

While pre-fab retreats may be all the rage, Vipp’s lead designer, Morten Bo Jensen, envisioned something a bit different for Shelter seekers. ‘There is plenty of amazing architecture out there, but we wanted to conceive something different; an escape in the form of an object designed down to last detail, where the only choice left to the customer, is where to put it’.

To that end, Vipp Shelter, which accommodates up to 4 in its rectilinear glass-fronted form, arrives fully outfitted with every necessity and a few luxuries, boasting a full range of mostly Vipp products, from furniture and lighting, to linen and tableware—and, yes, one of the company’s famous trash cans is inlcuded. With a lead time of 6 months and a price tag of just under $600,000, Vipp Shelter doesn’t come cheaply. But, then, idyllic, impeccably designed getaways seldom do.

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