Behomm: Home Exchange Heaven for Artistic Nomads

Architecture & Interiors

1617Creative types who find themselves afflicted with wanderlust may have found their nirvana in Behomm, which tantalizingly bills itself as “a home exchange community for designers and visual artists.” And, make no mistake, this is no Airbnb. The brainchild of Barcelona graphic designers Eva Calduch and Agust Juste—a pair of veteran home swappers with discerning tastes—Behomm (pronounced ‘be home’), seeks to bring together like-minded creatives whose idea of a home exchange extends considerably beyond free accommodations to tastefully furnished, esthetically-minded, idyllically located homes around the globe. There is one major caveat, of course: only creative professionals with a killer place of their own need apply. A tight screening process keeps only serious contenders in the running for a yearly fee of 95 Euros (with a year’s free trial membership for newbies). A meager price, we say, for designer digs in Paris and Cape Town, Amsterdam and Bali—and yet one more incentive to give those tired rooms a major facelift in 2015.
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