Totes & Travel Collection from Knoll

Modern Decor

totes-travel-carouselBT-308_BL1915_312_FZWe shouldn’t be surprised that the new Totes & Travel Collection of bags and luggage from Knoll reflects the clean geometry and architectural elegance of the company’s storied furniture. A collaboration with felt brand FilzFelt and leather manufacturer Spinneybeck, the collection is comprised of 6 pieces, two of which—Duffle Bag and Weekender—qualify as luggage, while the remaining 4 make handsome accessories in the timeless and made-to-last vein that Knoll has made its trademark. In classic Knoll fashion, quality materials—100% Merino wool felt and Italian leather—along with meticulous detailing and proportion define the Totes & Travel Collection. And the Mid Century invoking monochromes—Olive Green, Royal Blue and Heathered Orange—aren’t likely to be lost on design buffs, either.BT-308_BL1915_312_BZWKDR-201_PT2303_105_FZWKDR-201_PT2303_105_BZDFL-378_PT2303_377_C_FZDFL-378_PT2303_377_C_BZVT-105_BL1919_250_PT2320_FZVT-105_BL1919_250_PT2320_BZWT-312_BLBLCK_308_HT1512_SL67_FZWT-312_BLBLCK_308_HT1512_SL67_BZ


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