Pincher Bike Hanger by Karl Mikael Ling

Modern Decor

20140327_LING_Bikehanger_18278+EDITEsthetically driven bicycle enthusiasts now have a simple and unobtrusive way of both storing their bikes and turning them into art objects. Swedish designer Karl Mikael Ling has devised a bike hanger that’s as minimal as its possible to be while ably performing its function. Ling’s Pincher bike hanger is comprised of a square, solid aluminum plate that attaches to a wall via hidden screws, and a linear steel hanger which ‘pinches’ into the plate’s pre-cut grooves. Capable of holding weight up to 66 pounds, Pincher fulfills the perfect supporting role—hanging flatly against the wall when not in use, happy to recede into the woodwork when not facilitating a public display.23b-1030x566KML_PINCHER_1200_1120140327_LING_Bikehanger_1815221LQ-1030x56620140327_LING_Bikehanger_18252+EDIT22b-1030x56620140327_LING_Bikehanger_18207+EDIT+B-1

Via Karl Mikael Ling

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  1. Nikolas

    Dec 17, 2014 at 2:24 am

    Good Idea, it’s nice decoration.

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