B&B Italia Launches Pint-Sized UPJ Chair

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car07Indulged tots have another item to add to their wish lists—or their parents do, anyway. B&B Italia has launched a diminutive version of a chair designed by Gaetano Pesce back in 1969, and given the playful (and maternal) nature of Pesce’s design, the real surprise is that it took this long for a child’s version to arrive in the first place. The UPJ (the J stands for Junior) is a pint-sized version of Pesce’s UP5 Chair, a voluminous foam sculpture of a seat—bearing the distinct form of a woman’s torso and lap—and its ball-and-chain of a companion, the UP6 Ottoman. Lucky tykes can now experience the identical anthropomorphic form of the original—which, now in its perfectly proportioned scaled-down version, promises to induce all kinds of well-rounded child’s play.upj_chair_gaetano_pesce_bb_italiaupj_chair_gaetano_pesce_bb_italia_3lastupj_chair_gaetano_pesce_bb_italia_2

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  1. internettroll6

    Dec 28, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    nice considering the dull desks children have at school.

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