A Moleskine & Livescribe Collaboration

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5404c41bc07a80bcb90000b7_moleskine-livescribe-notebooks-analog-and-digital-together-at-last_02_-_37i1xvaDevice-addicted creatives who still find the cache of a Moleskine notebook irresistible, can have it both ways now, thanks to a collaboration between the arty journal company and Livescribe, makers of digital pens. Livescribe’s stock and trade are smartpens, specially programmed pens which can convert writing or drawings on paper (Livescribe paper, that is) into digital documents, downloadable (via corresponding app) to either iphone or ipad.

Their collaboration with Moleskine applies Livescribe technology to a suite of Moleskine notebooks that, while bearing all the markings of a traditional Moleskine—hardbound cover, rounded corners, elastic closure strap, ribbon bookmark—now feature Livescribe dot paper instead, pages which are receptive to Livescribe pen markings and prompts. Livescribe pens don’t come cheaply, but at least Moleskine obsessives accustomed to daily doodling, poetry-writing, or simply jotting down ideas can finally breathe easy about losing those chock-full journals.5404c449c07a80bcb90000b9_moleskine-livescribe-notebooks-analog-and-digital-together-at-last_07_-_paan2jl5404c452c07a80ade40000b0_moleskine-livescribe-notebooks-analog-and-digital-together-at-last_09_-_ylpmjo65404c459c07a80ade40000b1_moleskine-livescribe-notebooks-analog-and-digital-together-at-last_10_-_rvx0u6p

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