Bamboo Tricycle by Vietnam’s A21 Studio

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QTUT1C4V8XCGDERcaocaotre (5)Vietnam’s A21 Studio has impressively fashioned a prototype for a child’s tricycle, using primarily untreated bamboo stalks. By applying a natural resource plentiful in Vietnam, the studio conceived of a design with seat and back rest comprised of thick bamboo stalks, and thinner bamboo components making up the handlebars and dowels that hold the elements together—only the tricycle’s wheels are bamboo free, having been crafted from wood. A21 Studio sees the simple, primitive design as a sentimental homage to home-made bamboo bicycles once common in rural villages, hoping the visible bamboo elements help instill in children a respect for the material and its possibilities. The simplicity of the design and limited number of components makes repairing, modifying and reassembling the tricycle as easy as pie, too.WURLM4ZUQTZWU8Icaocaotre (4)JNF4767ZR4MU0PYcaocaotre (7)W2CECP830OLYA7Wcaocaotre (6)J9Y2MOHW5FGAIW6caocaotre (2)5NZGUHYMTUOWVCTcaocaotre (1)

Images: A21 Studio

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  1. jerome

    Sep 7, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    Outstanding craftsmanship!

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