Wooden Para Hammock

Modern Decor

static.squarespace-2Summer may be on the wane, but our fingers are crossed for plenty more hammock-worthy days on tap before winter arrives in earnest. The L.A. furniture studio 4th Period Workshop has its own novel (and quite handsome) take on the traditional fabric or canvas hammock, having fashioned their Para Hammock from, surprisingly enough, wood. Designer Chaffee Graham has hand crafted a strong and flexible surface area by weaving together 700 walnut wood tiles and strands of paracord, a combination that appears to have yielded an inviting,  refined alternative to the makeshift bohemian look. Diehard modernists, take note.static.squarespace-1


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  1. Console table

    Aug 31, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    This is very original and the mosaic looks quite comfy actually. I wonder if that’s weather resistant. Very beautiful anyway, thanks for sharing.

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