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NY NOW: Nordic Tabletop Flair From Superliving

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

superliving_mood_1_xlWe discovered the work of Danish brand Superliving at last week’s NY NOW, the biannual trade fair which offers a heady array of housewares and gift product lines by both new and established companies.

Anette Stabel and Jesper Binger, married Danish designers, are behind Superliving’s lovely offerings, a mixture of tabletop and decorative objects that express their Nordic instinct for refined informality. A compact range of colorful candlesticks, cushions, clothing hooks and lamps comprise the collection, but Superliving’s porcelain tabletop pieces are a standout. Stabel and Binger admit to being influenced by “the organic shapes and colors from the 50’s and 60’s,” and two repeat-pattern graphic motifs—assigned the names Amanda and Olivia—belie that fascination beautifully.

Amanda’s harlequin-like rhythm and Olivia’s stylized leafy repetition make vague references to the graphic enamelware produced by the Mid-Century Norwegian factory Cathrineholm—a comparison we suspect the designers wouldn’t mind a bit—and, applied to plates, mugs, bowls and pitchers, lend a crisp, modern elegance to both formal and informal dining.

Images: Superliving

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