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New Makers on 2Modern

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Five new emerging American makers, each with their own story, are now available on 2Modern. Robert William from MODERNCRE8VE comes from a family of carpenters. He has a personal passion for modern design and lasting construction, going as far as living with each prototype before it ever ends up in someone else’s home. Hedge House Furniture is a family-owned business based in Indiana using only local, sustainably harvested lumber in their designs.

Ample products are made in Seattle, Washington with a strong preference for local materials and a deep conviction that furniture can and should be built to last a lifetime – or two. As a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, Piet Houtenbos has spent over ten years crafting his trade – something that is evident in the beauty of his pieces.

maker launch 08.12.14

1. Midcentury Leaf Throw Pillow by MODERNCRE8VE | 2. Geometric Multicolor Throw Pillow by MODERNCRE8VE | 3. The Miami Coffee Table by MODERNCRE8VE | 4. Diamond Mirror by Piet Houtenbos | 5. Hip Pocket Table by Ample | 6. Hayward Bedroom Dresser by Hedge House Furniture

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