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Five new emerging American makers, each with their own story, are now available on 2Modern. Robert William from MODERNCRE8VE comes from a family of carpenters. He has a personal passion for modern design and lasting construction, going as far as living with each prototype before it ever ends up in someone else’s home.

Ample products are made in Seattle, Washington with a strong preference for local materials and a deep conviction that furniture can and should be built to last a lifetime – or two. As a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, Piet Houtenbos has spent over ten years crafting his trade – something that is evident in the beauty of his pieces.

maker launch 08.12.14

1. Midcentury Leaf Throw Pillow by MODERNCRE8VE | 2. Geometric Multicolor Throw Pillow by MODERNCRE8VE | 3. The Miami Coffee Table by MODERNCRE8VE | 4. Diamond Mirror by Piet Houtenbos | 5. Hip Pocket Table by Ample

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