Mason Shaker: Homespun Cocktail Shaker by W&P Design

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DSC_5725_1024x1024Creating an enterprise out of a single object—let alone one that’s been around since the 19th Century—might not sound like a recipe for success, but don’t tell that to Eric Prum and Josh Williams, founders of W&P Design. Prum and Williams have created a sturdy and fine-looking cocktail shaker by repurposing the humble Mason Jar, the hardy glass container invented in 1858, and still a pantry staple in households where harvesting and preserving fresh foods is an ongoing tradition.

Sensing an opening in the market for homespun goods, Prum and Williams, Southern-bred Brooklynites (who were, no doubt, familiar with Brooklyn’s robust neighborhood bar scene) saw potential in the stout and strong Mason Jar for withstanding the rigors of cocktail-making—completing their Mason Shaker by designing a screw-on cap and selling it in smart, low-key packaging meant to invoke goods sold at a small town general store. Luckily, the $29 price tag is a modest one for those in the mood for a dose of All-American nostalgia.

Images: The Mason Shaker

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