Luis Arrivillaga’s Stan Table Pays Homage to Mondrian

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Luis-Arrivillaga-Frames-Tubular-Steel-Table-Yellowtrace-12-1Guatemalan designer Luis Arrivillaga has designed a table comprised of 3 geometric shapes, an artful composition inspired by the grid-based De Stijl paintings of Piet Mondrain. Arrivillaga’s Stan is a low-to-the-ground glass and tubular steel concoction, in which a square piece of steel-framed glass rests on a base of two rectangles. The linear rectangles have been deliberately arranged to look markedly different from every angle, resulting in various abstractions defined by the negative spaces within the steel construction. In achieving “equilibrium between all the active parts, creating a visual lightness, ” Arrivillaga reduced materials to an absolute minimum. Stan is currently a prototype only.Stan_02-990x700Stan_04Stan_05Stan_03Images: Luis Arivillaga

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