Kawa Porcelain Vessels from Souda

Modern Decor

63_Kawa-Bowl-group-2-by-SoudaThe young Brooklyn design studio Souda has been making a name for itself with a thoughtful range of products in which process and form are inextricably linked. Their Kawa Procelain series, for instance, designed by Luft Tanaka, one of the three principals who comprise Souda, is the result of “an ongoing investigation into the process of batch-production that yields one-of-a-kind results.”

Which is to say, the designer has traded in traditional plaster molds, which produce identical vessels, for reusable leather molds—ensuring that each resulting porcelain form is rendered unique by the leather’s texture and pliability. While we can’t help but admire any artist or designer who values the creative exercise as much as the creative end product, we’re equally wowed by the poetic elegance of these Kawa bowls, down to their lusciously inviting glazes. Is it too early to start our Christmas wish list?


Images: Souda

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