Dramatic Interior Display by Studio Job

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Urban-Loft-01The work of Netherlands-based design studio, Studio Job, a pair of designers whose tastes lean towards the Baroque more than the modernist, is not for the faint of heart. Unabashedly self-assured, and nothing if not theatrical, Studio Job’s singular approach to design is perfectly illustrated in Studio Job House, the living, working and gallery space the husband-and-wife team has created near Antwerp, Belgium.

Against a stark, industrial backdrop of white and exposed concrete, Studio Job’s curatorial eye comes to vivid life, laying forth a visual extravaganza of modernist furnishings by Mid-Century giants like Alvar Aalto and Gerrit Rietveld, juxtaposed with a dazzling collection of contemporary art and objects, including their own. Exactingly arranged for balance, scale and drop-dead drama, Studio Job House presents the kind of interior display that suddenly makes ultra-refined, monochromatic spaces look, well, a bit wan. And that, we suspect, is precisely Studio Job’s point.Urban-Loft-02Urban-Loft-14Urban-Loft-13Urban-Loft-07Urban-Loft-06Urban-Loft-16Urban-Loft-04Urban-Loft-10Urban-Loft-03Urban-Loft-05Urban-Loft-08Urban-Loft-09Urban-Loft-11Urban-Loft-13Urban-Loft-12Urban-Loft-15Urban-Loft-17Images: Architectural Digest Spain

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