Closer Shower Head by Diego Grandi

Modern Decor

closer_showerhead_diego_grandi_zucchetti_3Form might follow function, but Italian architect and designer Diego Grandi has set about to completely reinvent the familiar form of the shower head—having designed a shower head that takes its form not from any standard bathroom fixture, but from the milieu of lighting design, instead. Created for luxury faucet brand Zuchetti, and presented at the Milan Furniture Fair earlier this year, the Closer shower head deliberately “recalls the aesthetics of a lamp, and embraces all the poetics inherent to the idea of balance,” according to Grandi. In addition to making a striking visual statement, Closer’s three joints and articulated arm allow for a wide range of both vertical and horizontal movements, giving the user unprecedented freedom in directing the water flow. We like it, but we’re imagining the confusion it may cause in the mind of an unsuspecting overnight guest—for whom Closer’s form may offer no hint of its function.closer_showerhead_diego_grandi_zucchetticloser_showerhead_diego_grandi_zucchetti_2closer_showerhead_diego_grandi_zucchetti_4

Images: Daily Tonic

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  1. Danny

    Aug 12, 2014 at 4:36 am

    When I looked at these images, my first reaction was, “wow, great wall-mounted lamps”!

    Then I realize these are actually wall-mounted showers I’m look at :D

    This is an extremely gorgeous and luxurious design for a bathroom shower.

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