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On a Belgian Estate, Indra Janda’s Garden Room

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

dw0414_finishig_touch_02_0Belgian architect Indra Janda has designed an outdoor room that we’d happily convert into a year-round abode, if only we could. Janda’s ‘garden room’ is a modest size—less than 500 square feet—with a rudimentary shape consisting of 4 walls and steeply gabled roof, entirely and artfully constructed via a network of exposed wooden beams. But Janda’s inspired touch lies in the building’s external cladding. By using sheets of inexpensive polycarbonate, Janda has created a latticework of exquisitely arranged ‘shingles’ as the structure’s skin, a material which remains opaque in the daylight, but turns the shed into a glowing lantern at night. No wonder we’d gladly be banished to this shed any day—or night.garden-room-facade-nightgarden-room-facade-portrait2Images: Dwell

One Comment to "On a Belgian Estate, Indra Janda’s Garden Room"

  1. Brilliant! It’s a playhouse for grownups!
    I could see this as a reading room and would be wonderful for book club get-togethers-impressive and serene.
    Well done!

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