In West Virginia, A House of Salvaged Windows

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Recycled-Window-House-by-Nick-Olson-and-Lilah-Horwitz-Yellowtrace-01Even for those of us inclined to romanticize communing with nature, the dream of building a humble house in the middle of the woods (on a miniscule budget, of course) will forever remain a fantasy. But photographer Nick Olson and clothing designer Lilah Horowitz pooled their artistic resources to turn the dream of a getaway into an admirable reality, building a cabin almost entirely of salvaged materials on an idyllic parcel of land in West Virginia—on a belief-defying $500. Fittingly, for a pair of introspective artists, the duo thought long and hard before embarking on this journey, and their home shows it.

Devoid of electricity or running water—nothing keeps romance alive like the glow of candlelight—the simple timber structure belies the duo’s preoccupation with things crafted by hand, and a fondness for both practical and creative flourishes. The most imaginative of these is the front wall of the house, comprised of a patchwork of salvaged windows, a floor-to-ceiling luxury that provides unobstructed natural light and the kind of views typically associated with hefty price tags. “Each window has a bit of a story to it. As an artist, I’ve learned over time that if you have an idea, you can find a way to make it.” Recycled-Window-House-by-Nick-Olson-and-Lilah-Horwitz-Yellowtrace-05Recycled-Window-House-by-Nick-Olson-and-Lilah-Horwitz-Yellowtrace-03Recycled-Window-House-by-Nick-Olson-and-Lilah-Horwitz-Yellowtrace-02

Images: Yellowtrace

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