Ikea Puts Singapore Shelter Dogs On Show


Home for HopeThere’s nothing cute about millions of animals doing time in shelters, waiting to be whisked off to a loving home—only to be put down when the wait becomes too long. But Ikea’s inspired marketing campaign, aimed at finding homes for shelter dogs, is plenty heartwarming. Teaming up with creative agency DDB Singapore, Ikea has found an ingenious way to get Singapore shoppers to turn their attention to a cause more worthy than affordable furniture—by accessorizing their showroom vignettes with life-sized cardboard cut-outs of shelter dogs currently up for adoption.

The Home for Hope campaign features photographic cut-outs of actual dogs residing at local shelters run by Animal Lovers League (ALL) and Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), each cut-out outfitted with a dog collar tagged with QR codes that prospective buyers/adopters can scan for detailed information about the pup in question—conveniently found on the related Home for Hope website. The true hope is, of course, that shoppers who stopped in for just the right-sized end table will have no problem envisioning their home accessorized with an impossibly cute, perfectly-sized dog, instead. And, frankly, we’re barking mad for the idea.

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  1. Susan Goldstein

    Jul 25, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Whoever came up with this idea should get a giant raise and promotion. This is the most wonderful idea I ever heard of These cut outs should be all over the country. I commend Ikea. Awesome!!!!!! Finally something good for our best friends.

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