Healthier Sleep With Drift Light

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Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 3.49.26 PMCapitalizing on research that shows we’re just not getting enough sleep, or at least the proper kind of sleep, lighting products company Saffron, makers of the well-named Drift, think they’ve got a solution. An energy efficient LED light bulb, Drift looks ordinary enough, fits into a standard light socket, and behaves like any LED bulb when fully illuminated on Daylight Mode. The magic, however, happens when the light is turned off. Two additional settings—Midnight Mode and Moonlight Mode—allow for either a gradual fading of light, intended to gently lull sleepyheads into a peaceful state of rest, or a slow dimming that stops short of blackness, to emit a night-light glow perfect for children’s rooms or hallways. We feel our lids getting heavy already.3030201-inline-saffron-driftpackagingsm

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