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Candy Striped Moss Bluetooth Speakers

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Moss-Piccadilly-Paterned_Red-e1403493004526Talk about audio candy! If there’s a more delicious wireless speaker out there, we don’t know of one. This tiny, artfully constructed speaker from Singapore-based Moss Audio makes good on its promise “to make beautiful speakers that sound great.” A creation of British designer Nik Lee, the speaker’s internal workings, which wirelessly connect to laptop, tablet or smart phone, are brilliantly disguised in a boldly striped cylindrical casing made from an acrylic composite compact and light enough to fit in the palm of a hand. A range of spot-on contemporary colors ensure that design buffs won’t be able to stop at buying just one.slides-set2-23Moss-Picadilly-Speakers-620x420Moss-Piccadilly-Paterned_Green-e1403492989309Moss-Piccadilly-Paterned_Black-e1403492906546Moss_arm-e1403493078162

Image: The Present Purpose

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