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The Oon Power Outlet from OKUM

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

IMG_7338sCount us amongst those waxing poetic about the Oon Power Outlet from OKUM, the Los Angeles-based design studio which aims to imbue “everyday objects with ingrained detail.” To that end, we’d say Oon fits the bill handsomely, presenting a cord threaded with three wooden cubes of pristine, jewel-like beauty, each outfitted with an always-essential electrical outlet. Interspersed with solid wooden beads that helpfully allow breathing room between sockets, the cubes have been smartly designed to rotate, giving plug point access while face-up or on their sides. Hard maple for extra durability and a generous six-foot long cloth cord are particularly thoughtful details—making Oon a mighty, yes, powerful answer for all those pesky cable-dependent devices.


Images: OKUM

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