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Official FIFA World Cup Posters

Categories: Art + Graphics

1237176_580409375354846_2036084798_nSubtlety is the last word one would assign to the posters commemorating the World Cup. Neither the official FIFA event poster (above), nor the suite of 12 ‘host city’ posters (representing the 12 different Brazilian cities where World Cup matches will be played over the next month), is given to understatement—and we suspect Brazil is just fine with it. Tropical imagery, a cacophony of colors, and silhouettes of victorious athletes may not make for particularly elegant graphic design, but they aren’t such bad emblems of a football-crazed country beset with the economic and social woes of Brazil. Besides, is there anyone who wouldn’t rather be in Rio just now? Game on, we say.1185793_580409255354858_356826157_n1175317_580409135354870_1997703399_n1236498_580409185354865_1447175993_n1187052_580409142021536_1984884830_n1185507_580409288688188_1061742952_n553580_580409225354861_361029865_n-1
Images: FIFA

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